Our Cookie Policy


      We want to provide our users with a simple and user-friendly website. To ensure that the content is relevant and easy for the user to navigate, we use cookies. Cookies provide us with important information on how the site is used, the most visited pages, how long our users stay on the site, and so on.

      What is a cookie?

      A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser to recognize your computer the next time you visit the site. Cookies are not active files - that is, they cannot host viruses or monitor any content on your computer. Their sole purpose is to send information about the time of the visit, its duration, and so on.

      On we use cookies for the following purposes:

      Google Analytics

      These are monitoring cookies for generating statistics on the use of the site. Google Analytics uses cookies that do not store personal data and that are stored on the user's computer to allow the website manager to analyze how users use the site. To prevent the storage of the aforementioned cookies, the user can follow the procedure available at the following link: http: //


      Facebook uses cookies to offer the user sharing and "like" functionality on their wall. For more information, see the page http: //

      Google Maps

      On some pages there are interactive maps provided by Google, which may install cookies to detect information and preferences relating to this service.
      For information on the use of cookies by Google, see the Google privacy policy: http: //

      Recaptcha (Google)
      SPAM protection service provided by Google HTTPs://

      Mailchimp uses this service in order to send a newsletter to users who voluntarily register and request it. For more information, consult the privacy of the service: http: //

      Pixel Facebook
      The Facebook Pixel cookie that allows you to monitor the conversions that occur on your website as a result of the advertisements you are running on Facebook. For more information, consult the privacy of the service: http: //

      Adjust the text size
      If the text size has been changed, a cookie will remember it, so the user will not need to change it every time they go to another page.

      If you do not want to allow cookies

      If you do not want to allow cookies on your computer, you can change your browser settings so that it can remember them in the future. It is also possible to delete cookies already stored. For more information on these options, see the instructions in the Help section of your browser.

      Remember that our site may not work properly if all cookies are disabled. If you delete the cookies in your browser, they will be stored again after your permission when you visit our site again.

      For instructions and to learn more about cookies, visit Aboutcookies.Org.